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Poverty Truth Charter

Description of Poverty Truth Commission and the Charter

What is Poverty Truth?

info for potential supporters.... or reference from businesses already signed up!

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What is the Poverty Truth Charter?

One of the things that Gateshead Poverty Truth is trying to do is to build a network of local businesses, charities and other organisations to join us in seeking to tackle poverty in Gateshead. That’s why you’ve been invited to join this charter.

We’re asking you to partner with us by committing to:

1. Acknowledge that poverty exists in Gateshead;

2. Engage with those who experience poverty when we make decisions that affect them;

3. Recognise that everyone is human and deserves our respect and dignity.

As an organisation with a specific part to play, we also ask that you make a fourth pledge which is what you can do to tackle poverty in Gateshead. For example, one of our partner organisations has pledged to work to increase financial awareness in the community.

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how you could undertake the first three pledges of the charter, and develop the fourth pledge about your contribution to tackle poverty in Gateshead.

Membership: Membership
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