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Our Launch Event... and what comes next

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Our launch event

On Thursday 5th March we had our launch event in Gateshead Council Chambers.

We told truths about the poverty in Gateshead through story-telling, video and poetry. We were joined by guest speaker Debbie Honeywood, who told us:

"Keep telling your stories. Keep speaking your truth. People are listening…" Debbie Honeywood, star of Len Loach and Sixteen Film's Sorry We Missed You

If you missed the launch event don't worry - we have shared some of our videos from the day on our YouTube channel and will be sharing more over the coming days. This is one of our opening videos. It's a poem Adam wrote about how poverty can feel and the stigma that surrounds it:

What's next?

The next step for Gateshead Poverty Truth Commission is that we'll be joined by our Civic and Business Commissioners. They are being invited because their working lives affect people living in poverty.

Although our Civic and Business Commissioners are being invited because of their professional lives, they are invited as human beings, because PTCs start with building relationships based on listening and learning. Titles will be left at the door!

From here we'll start to work on some of the issues we spoke about at our launch. Eventually we'll decide on three issues to focus on and form working groups to explore these in greater detail.

As we progress we'll keep you updated. Watch this space...

Until then, we are

Gateshead Poverty Truth Commission

This image was taken at our launch event - it is us with Liz Twist MP and Councillor Dot Burnett, the Deputy Mayor.

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