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Gateshead PTC in Corona Times

Gateshead Poverty Truth Commission: Covid-19 Statement

If you were at our launch event on March 5th you’ll know that we were planning to start meeting as a full commission in the coming weeks.

If you’re living on planet earth, you’ll also know that gatherings of people are not able to go ahead at the moment.

So what does a Poverty Truth Commission look like in the midst of social distancing?

This is a question we’re asking ourselves, and will continue to explore over the coming weeks and months. We do know that Gateshead PTC will continue to exist as a dispersed group we speak with and support one-another in this time, albeit not in person.

We also think we’ve got some wisdom to share over this time. Corona virus means that people across the UK are:

· Experiencing social isolation

· Worrying about having enough food

· Having big changes to daily life enforced over which we have no control…

These are experiences that poverty imposes on people every day in the UK, even in normal times. Within Gateshead PTC we have experts by experience who have had to work out their own ways to cope with this. Over the next few weeks we’ll be investigating ways to help those with lived experience to share this wisdom on how to cope with these challenges. Watch this space.

In the meantime, here's a poem about these times from Commissioner Paul John:

Covid 19…. Three weeks in.

Pandemic is ruthless, indiscriminate it's clear,

Can't see, smell, or dodge so creates fear,

The empty streets, food queues, mass burials in memory sear,

Two meters distance is the new near,

Surgical masks and gloves today's fashion gear,

A cough a sneeze is it deadly or nothing or mere,

Food hoarders, lockdown ignorers we critically jeer,

NHS and essential workers we celebrate and cheer,

Delivered PPE, to our saviours we demand here,

Lockdown life boring and lonesome enough for a tear,

A fish, a bird, a cat a dog, now friends without peer,

Families are riotous and draining from those they hold dear,

Community restoring, humanity awakens a purpose clear,

Created finally a vaccine will appear,

Covid 19 you…… Disapear

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